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Using modern cloud-based metallurgic accounting software, MAX4METS is revolutionising the way metals accounting is done.

Unlock your metals accounting potential

Our cloud-based metallurgic accounting software reduces risk, improves reporting, ensures security and saves you money!

Metals accounting has evolved.

The MAX Metallurgical Accounting System is a modern cloud-based software application designed to allow the recording, storing and retrieval of mineral processing data, plant operation and availability data, suitable for use across a wide range of commodities.

Why use MAX4METS?

Metallurgical management

Simplify your metals accounting processes and produce more accurate reports

The Ultimate Metals Accounting Solution.

MAX4METS is the latest Australian mining Technology that uses mass balance theories to streamline metal and mine production accounting. You’ll benefit from improved reporting, traceability and security while reducing financial risk and easily reconciling accounts for cost savings.

Take the guesswork out of metals accounting and maximise your business potential with MAX4METS. Streamline complicated processes and increase the accuracy of your reporting with this powerful software.

Get started with MAX4METS today for accurate metals accounting and open a new world of clarity and profitability.

Metallurgical accounting

Mining Companies worldwide are under pressure to improve corporate governance with respect to metal accounting from mine to product

Metals Accounting is crucial for:

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance forms an important part of ESG compliance, quantifying losses and emissions. Noncompliance is a risk and could affect your licence to operate.

Accurate Measurements

Accurate measurement of production drives unit sales and leads to more revenue.

Variables and Inefficiencies

MAX4METS will identify production variables and identify inefficiencies in mining production. Identify shortfalls, improve processes and reap the rewards.


Use MAX4METS to troubleshoot metallurgical process issues, thereby minimising costly losses.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Professional Software Engineers have real experience in the mining sector. Software for mining by miners.

Data Analysis

Production forecasting that helps maximise plant economics


Metallurgical management and accounting made easy

How it works


Capture & validate critical metallurgical data including recovery downtime, consumables






Centrally manage all mining data in a centralised, secure data store

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Produce shift, weekly and monthly processing and recovery reports. Analyse performance and optimise the processing outcomes

Microsoft Excel is not ESG or AMIRA compliant

Why your current process is flawed

We have seen your massive spreadsheets for plant management.

Metallurgical Accounting is typically done in a single Excel workbook with many sheets leading to inaccuracy, duplication of effort, lack of transparency and problems with audibility.

Excel is not ESG Compliant!

The problem with using Excel for Metals Accounting:

Excel can easily be manipulated

Unsecure and impossible to audit

Does not allow multiple users access

Rarely integrates with management information systems

Rapidly loses traceability to source data

Possesses serious governance limitations

The solution

MAX for Metallurgical Accounting

The Australian mining industry is highly competitive.

Companies in this sector need to be able to guarantee compliance, traceability and security while also reducing financial risks and improving reporting capabilities. Managing financial and compliance risk associated with metals and mine production is a daunting task.

Your company needs to stay on top of the latest technology trends and keep up with the competition. Metals accounting has evolved. It’s not about crunching numbers anymore – it’s about making sure you have the best accounting systems available to reduce risk and increase efficiency.

MAX4METS is a cloud-based software application and the perfect solution for any mining company looking for an advanced accounting system to ensure compliance, traceability, security and improved reporting. Take control of your business’s financial operations with confidence. Get MAX!



MAX - The ultimate metals accounting solution

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